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Quality Tours, Educational Tours, Mystery Tours, Scavenger Hunts, Team Building Tours, Events and Specialized Tours,  Events and Mysteries Written & Designed for Parties and Company Events.  

Although Comedy on Deck started with just comedians as tour guides we have
 evolved over the years and now include tours with and without comedian tour guides.

Grand Canyon West Rim

  • This portion of the Grand Canyon is owned by the Hualapai Indian Tribe
  • It is home to the world famous Sky-Walk.  This glass bridge that extends 70 feet over the edge of the canyon rim and 4000 feet above the Colorado River
  • This amazing structure took 4 years and 30 million dollars to build
  • Camera's are not allowed on the Sky-Walk
  • The Sky-Walk is strong enough to hold 71 fully loaded 747's
  • The West Rim is 150 miles (2.5 hours) from Las Vegas
  • The closet town is Meadview, Arizona

     The Best Grand Canyon Experience Possible

  Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim

  • 18 miles across and 6000 feet deep
  • This area became a national park in 1919 and was the 17th national park in the United States.
  • The park is 190 miles long.
  • It is populated by 5 indian tribes: Havasupai, Hopi, Navajo, Piaute and Hualapai.
  • It's 280 miles (5 hours) from Las Vegas.
  • Includes 70 species of mammals, 250 species of birds, 25 types of repitles and 5 species of amphibians. 
  • It's 2000 feet higher than the West Rim and 1000 feet lower than the North Rim.                                                

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    Hoover Dam Tours
    Hoover Dam from the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

    Without a doubt we offer the highest quality Hoover Dam
       Tours available anywhere. Our in-depth Hoover Dam tours
       do a fully guided walk over the top of the dam stopping at
       a minimum of six locations to learn about the dam, it's
       history and construction. Common information is about
       the high-scalers, concrete, electricity, water, drought,
       intake towers, outlet works,spillways,  "King Kong" cable
       way, earthquakes and more.

       We are also the only Hoover Dam bus company that
       stops for photos of the dam from the new Hoover Dam
       bypass bridge.

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    A Great Way to Celebrate Holidays & Special Occasions.


    Although we may offer the usual tour locations,  it's the complexity of how our tours are executed that makes us special.  Most (not all) of our tours include step-on guides, we are one of only two companies in Las Vegas that provide step on guides in addition to a designated driver that does not double as the tour guide.

    All of our guides are fully trained and continue to undergo training in order to provide you the most comprehensive and knowledgeable tours available.

    Most tours companies no longer include lunch or any other meal. If you re lucky enough to find a company that provides lunch it will most likely be at a small casino buffet.  Our company offers made-to-order meals at the same comforting diners and restaurants the locals go to.  The exception to this is our Grand Canyon West VIP tour that only has one lunch  option and it's  thru the Hualapai tribe who owns all concessionaires at the West Rim.  On a West Rim VIP tour you will be given three options, two are eating outside on the rim and the other is to eat inside the saloon at the wild west ranch.

    Team building is our specialty.  We have many unique team building tours available; murder mysteries, wild west adventures, scavenger hunts etc...  Custom tours are common for us with many written with your company or industry.